My Love Affair 💙🌊

I just read an article titled ~

Signs That You’re in a Committed Relationship

Since I answered Yes to each 'Sign,' I guess it’s safe to say I’m in a relationship!

Here are the 'Signs' below…⬇️⬇️

1. You Spend Significant Time Together

Answer: Haha Yes! Maybe more than most people. I can’t wait to wake up and spend time together. And I don’t like to be apart for too long.

2. You Have a Key.

Answer: Yes, I let myself in all the time.

3. You Don’t Shun Social Media Shout-Outs

Answer: Yes, I’ve definitely posted pics of my passion, love and commitment!

4. You Vacation Together.

Answer: Yes, I plan vacations to be at, around and in the ocean.

5. You Plan for the Future Together.

Answer: Yes, I’m always working to improve the current condition and better the future.

Founded a nonprofit to do just that!

6. You Share Passwords and PIN Numbers.

Answer: Yes, she knows every password. They’re usually glassy, sunny, warm.

7. You Go Out of Your Way to Be Together.

Answer: Yes, I’ll do whatever it takes to spend time together.

We love watching the sunset together!

8. You Make Decisions Based on the Other’s Situation.

Answer: Yes, I’ll check several weather and wave apps before heading out. It could be a sunny, warm glassy day or crazy windy, day. Either way, I’ll navigate through the conditions to be together.

So I guess that answers the question! I’ve been in a passionate, loving and committed relationship with the ocean for a long time. 🌊 I’m in love with every change, mood and temperament she has.