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Vicki Patterson Stand Up Paddle Girl
Hi   I'm   Vicki !

I want to welcome you here and share my story of how paddle boarding has changed my life. 


I began stand up paddle boarding when I was going through some very challenging and difficult times. 


This was during the fall, with huge south swells and heavy-hitting waves. I remember thinking to myself; if I could paddle through this and be okay, I could get through anything life decided to hand me that day. Despite being fearful of the big waves that were stacking up, the moment my feet were planted on my board I instantly felt a serene relief flowing through my body. 


I found that paddling alone allowed me the time to check in with myself, and that connecting with nature to get in the rhythm of the water was very healing. 


Today, I want to share with you a holistic approach to healing. By infusing self love and wellness techniques, we help not only to rejuvenate, but to and inspire your mind, body and soul! 


My intention is to provide you with powerful tools that can be  immediately applied to discover balance on your journey of self love, self care and self discovery. 

Nourishing my mind, body and soul 


Channeling the healing energy of the ocean 


Flowing with the ocean breath by breath


Movement of the body

Stillness of the mind


Protect your peace

Cleanse your space

Cultivate love

Don’t wait for change

BE the change

“Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.” ~    Rumi

Vicki Patterson
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