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Through my yoga practice, I discovered something about myself.  Fear-based decisions have been the leading factor in most, if not all, the major decisions in my life. I was insecure, not thinking about my future and was afraid of judgement. 


Now, I’m consciously living in the moment and removing fear from my decision and day to day life.  I feel limitless and empowered, like my true self. 


So, how do you remove fear from the decision process of daily life?


The Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu said,  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” I interpret this as becoming mindful, present and living intentionally with each turn in the road of life. 


Vicki Patterson Stand Up To Trash
Vicki Patterson Stand Up Paddle Girl

For me, being present is going outside and being with nature, journaling, surrounding myself in beauty, listening to music, and volunteering my time. By participating in any of these activities I feel my heart opening to the giving and receiving of love. 


Peeling off the layers of fear and pain is taking the journey of a thousand miles one step at a time. 


Living with an openness of love in my heart and complete self acceptance has brought me total self reliance, allowing me to learn what loving unconditionally means. 


Connecting your body, mind and soul one breath and one thought at a time.


To create, empower and inspire changes, while learning to be joyful and present in life! 

Everyone looks so beautiful and radiant residing in their true nature! 

Wellness, Holistic, Healing

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