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Energy Medicine

We can increase the healing energy of our bodies through practices that move and increase the life force within us. Curative modalities that affect our energy system include yoga, Reiki, chakra balancing, acupuncture and movement practices (asanas).

These ancient practices have been used for centuries to promote wellness.

Because our emotions and thoughts play such a critical role in our health, taking time for daily meditation and breathing techniques (pranayama) is a simple cost free investment in our health and a step towards preventing the onset of chronic health conditions.

Meditation can help us heal our wounds and complements the other positive lifestyle behaviors like mindful eating, cultivating nourishing relationships, participating in meaningful work and taking time in nature.

Taking together energy supportive practices will not only raise your vibration but collectively that of the planet.

Stand Up Paddle Girl is about awakening your own healing power through a myriad of modalities. A holistic approach to your wellness and wellbeing.

My love for the ocean and connecting to my Self has brought me to leading you to your path of self care, self love and self discovery.

We’ll use an Ayurvedic approach to finding balance, bringing you back to your joy and harmony from the inside out!

Harnessing Your Power through ~ Yoga, Nourishment, Herbal Tea, Giving and Being of Service, Nature, Journaling, Meditation, Gratitude, Breath Work, Changing Your Narrative.

By Vicki Patterson

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