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A Seafarer's Journey

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a seafarer off the bat, it took between six and nine months of paddling consistently to leave the controlled environment and comfort of my harbor. Even then, I would only venture 200 yards outside of the Jetty, as I slowly developed my sea legs and learning about the always changing landscape of the ocean. 

As I was going through the stresses in my life, I found my board and the water very healing. There were times when the swells were as big as my 12'6" board and I would think to myself, 'if I can through these waves, I can conquer anything that life is handing to me that day.' 

I’ve always lived by the ocean but I am just starting to realize I need to be in, on or by the ocean everyday.

That’s why I am calling this first post, A Seafarers Journey. Our ocean is magical !  I'm always asked if I’m afraid to be out in the water alone. For me, it’s not about being afraid of the water, it’s about being open to seeing all the magic that is happening around you and appreciating the gifts. 

On this blog, I will post stories of things that have happened to me on my journey of self discovery, self love and appreciation of life. 

There is such a draw and a pull for me to be in the water, I will show you as each day unfolds.

Maybe I’ll see you out on the water sometime!

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