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The Autumn Equinox

By Vicki Patterson

Happy Autumn Equinox!

Tonight at 6:04 pm Pacific Time, we cross the threshold from Summer into Fall. For me, this season is my time to reflect, declutter and prepare my space for the coming winter.

  • Gratitude - We've harvested the abudance of the summer garden and we give thanks for the gifts of the land.

  • Change - The earth all around us reflects the process of change and the natural cycle of life.

  • Restore - Natures journey to be still, rejuvenate and rest in preparation for the coming winter.

We feel the change in the environment and a crispness in the air. Trees shed the last of their leaves and prepare to go inward.

We need to learn from nature.


Find a cozy spot to curl up, reflect on your personal harvests, and take stock of what you have nurtured this year. Notice how that area of your life has evolved since spring. Make some notes about intentions for fall, so you can reflect on them at the winter solstice.

Have a blessed day!

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