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Self Love Mastery Classes Coming Soon!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Self Love Mastery 

Research studies show that Self Love improves all aspects of our life.  By developing these skills you’ll cultivate the connection with your inner being, which will lead to flourishing and thriving in life and well beingness. 

Self love is not narcissistic, selfish or vain. It’s quite the opposite in that it is humble, modest and embodies a complete sense of  humility. Defined, it’s an appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue. So how do you get to the point of truly loving yourself? How does it look in your daily life? You’ll gain self confidence - which translates into having less fear and anxiety, you’ll have knowledge to handle when unpleasant things arise, you’ll learn to live in the present, have a deeper sense of empathy towards others’ feelings, you’ll learn who your authentic self truly is and finally gives you a sense of self empowerment, self confidence,  improve judgment and problem-solving abilities, help you focus and perform, decrease depression, lower heart rate and blood pressure, strengthen your immune system, combat stress, lessen your aches and pains, combat dis-ease and disability, lengthen your life, enhance relationships, reduce feelings of anxiety and in control of your own life in a positive way!

Series of 3 Self Love Workshops 

Each class is designed to give you the tools needed to inspire you in becoming your authentic self. Using self awareness as your guide in developing new mindful practices.  Infusing holistic teachings in helping you to awaken your healing power. They can be taken in any order you don’t need one to get to the next.  

12 Steps to Self Love Mastery taught in 3 Powerful Workshops giving you the tools needed learning the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection to Healing 

Breakdown of Each Class


Take the Dosha Quiz and find out your Dosha ‘Type’ for Healing - WORKSHEET

Take Time for Yourself - Things That I Love - WORKSHEET 

How Gratitude is really the only tool you need    -WORKSHEET 

Be of Service to Others - The Importance Giving Back

Acceptance - We Can Not Change the Past, We Must Learn to Move On

Core Values  -Determine Your Core Values and Understand They Are a Part of Every Decision You Make- WORKSHEET

***Worksheets/ Journal Writing, Reflection (Meditation and Breathwork) and Discussion


Take the Dosha Quiz and Find out your Dosha ‘Type’ for Healing - WORKSHEET

Yamas and Niyamas - The Yoga Code for Living

Learn the Importance of Going Out into Nature

Yoga -Learn Specific Asanas for Opening Your Heart - ASANAS WORKSHEET

Meditation and Breathwork 

Learn The Importance why Nourishing Your Body Optimally Catapults Healing  

***Worksheets/ Journal Writing, Reflection (Meditation and Breathwork) and Discussion


By Identifying the ‘Things that I Love’ empowered with a resource to go back to when things are feeling out of balance - WORKSHEET

Crystals / The 7 Chakras- Learn the powerful spiritual energetic vibrations held within crystals to align your chakras  - WORKSHEET / HANDOUT

Learn about Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Holistic Healing -  WORKSHEET / HANDOUT

Learn to Be Kind and Gentle with Yourself (no negative self talk)   - I Am WORKSHEET

Learn Powerful Affirmations - WORKSHEET

Learn Forgiveness / Acceptance to Heal and Move Forward- WORKSHEET

Core Values  -Determine Your Core Values and Understand They Are a Part of Every Decision You Make- WORKSHEET

***Worksheets/ Journal Writing, Reflection (Meditation and Breathwork)  and Discussion

Look out for upcoming dates for a class near you!

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