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All While Standing On Top Of My Board

All while standing on top of my board.

In harmony with nature, feeling at peace and one with the rhythm of the ocean, as breezy as the wind, as solid as the ground, as fluid as the water.

Gaining this perspective from standing on top of the ocean on a 4” piece of foam 2 miles offshore, no humans for as far as the eye can see.

Listening and being guided by my natural surroundings. Witnessing the perfection of it all. All while standing on top of my board.

My heart opens, senses are heightened, feeling of love overflow pouring out onto the little creatures that come for a visit

to say hello.

And this is why, no matter what the weather ~ wind, waves, current or conditions ~ I’m constantly drawn by the power of the protective cradling as I’m gliding with the flow of the natural well-beingness of purity and love that is held within the ocean.

All while standing on top of my board.

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