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Fall Self Care

If you live in Southern California like me, you know we went from Summer to Fall in what seems overnight.

Fall invites us to gather the fruits we planted during the summer months. This is a time when we begin to reseed and prepare for the cold days ahead we feel the change in our environment in the crispness of the air trees shed the last of their leaves and the earth prepares to go inward by drying up, beckoning the green plant beings to rest in her rich soil.

This time of year is synonymous of the elements of Vata, reminding us to nourish and ground ourselves. To ward off colds and dry imbalances it’s important to focus on foods that have the opposite qualities: heavy, oily and moistening. Look for flavors that are wholesomely sweets such as root vegetables, squash and pumpkins. Soups and stews are perfect for daily meals, as they provide easily digestible nutrients that keep the skin, hair, and nails supple. Enjoy seaweed cooked in broth and adding sea salt to meals will help moisten the body as well. It’s no surprise that many foods during this time of year feature of warming herbs and spices.

Apples stewed in cinnamon, squash in savory garlic and sage, a warm mug of tea sprinkled with nutmeg. These flavors can spark comfort and nostalgia as well as aid in warming the body and stoking digestive fire.

As the season is changing ritual should transition from the lighter cooling qualities of summer to heavier warming qualities.

- Taking hot baths to soothe muscles and call mini anxiety will be a key practice to balance spotter

in the body.

- Slathering on and massaging skin with oils will help create a protective barrier from the dry air

and further relax the nervous system.

- Taking time to give extra attention to the body through food, herbs and rituals will help make you

less susceptible to the common cold floating around this time of year.

- Spending time listening to your body, making space to be alone, and enjoying the stillness of

resting are just with this season calls for!

Ayurveda Fall Season

Elements: Ether and air

Qualities: Cold and dry

Dosha: Vata

Balancing Fall Flavors: Sweet, salty, sour, spicy, pungent

Signals of Balanced: Feeling grounded and embodied, having a sense of calm and trust, creating nourishing routines, eating consistently, glowing, hydrated, vibrant.

Signals of Imbalance: Feeling cold, dry skin and hair, easily irritated, having a lack of focus, depleted nervous system, fatigue, easily overwhelmed, anxious or fearful, tendency towards constipation, dehydration.

The Kosmic Kitchen

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