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The Glamorous Life of Picking Up Trash

Picking up trash isn’t glamorous. But, I get more satisfaction from it than getting all dolled up for an event!

What started out as a no brainer to pick up a few pieces while out enjoying our natural world and getting in connection with myself, quickly turned into documenting my daily clean up.

I found myself at first having difficulty walking or paddling past it and now I can’t.

My ‘workouts’ have turned to 'clean ups.'

It was an eye opening experience. The more I picked up, the more debris I could see, like never before. If you’ve ever been out exploring with me, I’ve probably asked you pick up a piece (or two) out of my reach!

It really doesn’t take that much effort to make a contribution to THE MOST important battle on the planet, to save it.

I imagine the day where everyone picks up the pieces they see in whatever natural area they’re visiting.

I’m not the only one on this movement, I’ve connected with other like minded people who are now my friends and have been told I’ve inspired others to do the same!

There is so much satisfaction in the small act of service to the earth, when you look around, the flowers are brighter, the sunset in magical, even the birds and animals seem to look at you differently. That might make me sound like a weirdo, or airy fairy, but to me I’m tuning into the earths vibration of love, joy, peace and oneness. Just from the small act of picking up a piece of trash.

I’m now documenting my journey of trash removal and if I’ve inspired you or if you already do, when posting on social media use the hashtag #StandUpToTrash and your help will be added to the movement!

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By the way, the dog in the picture is Frida! She's a rescue from Mexico and loves the beach and helping me find trash. We do it together and have fun while doing it!

One this day, I found 2 chairs going into the ocean along with the bag of trash

Daily Trash Pick Up in Dana Point

Found this trash can in the harbor and decided to fill it

Had to pull the can out of the ocean and decided to fill with trash

This is what I picked up in the harbor

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