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Not a Resolution But a Mindful Intention

By Vicki Patterson

One thing I ask myself this time of year is what do I want to cultivate in the coming year.

When we are all taking stock of where we are and what we want out of life, look out into nature and observe how she shows us that it’s our opportunity to go within and seek alignment with ourselves.

This is also a great time to focus on gratitude and nurturing what we love. Instead of setting goals, think about your daily intentions.

Setting your daily intentions not only allows you to be present in the moment, but also creates a space to open your heart and to raise your emotional energy, which will translate into raising your physical energy and you'll find yourself being more productive.

Life is a journey not a destination. Enjoy the ride, go with the flow. ♾ (Santosha)

Know there is so much power in experiencing the ‘New’ ness of each day. When we turn our attention inward and start taking care of our Self your world will shift and change.

This is the feeling a New Year should bring. A feeling of release. A feeling of newness. A feeling of being free!

Here Are Some Journal Prompts To Help Invite Those Feelings

- How are these shifting cycles benefitting me and what challenges do they bring?

- What direction or directions do I feel drawn toward in my life right now?

- What relationships do I most need to prioritize in the year ahead?

-What kind of change or transformation do I want to facilitate in my life, relationships, and work in the coming year?

-What do I need to let go of right now in order to be most healthy and whole?

-Where do I want to place my commitments and devotion?

-What have I been most grateful for in the past year but need to let go of?

-What have I been most grateful for in the past year and want to nurture and grow even further?

"Journaling is like whispering to one's self and listening at the same time" - Mina Murray

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